“Now i’m smiling, laughing and interacting with people again. I can be myself”

“Now i’m smiling, laughing and interacting with people again. I can be myself”




Through our exclusive technology, specialized process and total dedication to our patients,with our digital pre-made planning such as: R2gate(Megagen), (smile design) and (3shape) software Precision Implant Dentistry brings new hope to all those suffering from chronic dental issues.

Our goal is to completely transform every smile we see—and give people the opportunity to live their best lives.

Our treatments

We are able to serve you in a great range of possible treatments.If you want to know more about the treatments possibilities for you, please contact us for more details

What Exactly And How All On 4/Four -CAD/CAM Milling Product Made & How The Pre Milled Product Will Be Made With Help Of (3 Shape, R2Gate And Other )Dental Software

Simply put, this is precision dental implant technology at its best.This digital software provides a permanent,
fully customized bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth (also called an arch) with as few as four titanium implants.
Below are the key components.

Step 1:

It starts with a fully customized plan Before the procedure, our talented technicians use advanced technology, including CT scans, 3D facial scanners, intra-oral cameras and advanced software to plan the ideal outcomes for our patients.

Step 2:

Design & build your smile Having the most advanced milling machines and design protocols in the world, at each of our state-of-the-art centers, we can fabricate a titanium bar and embed it into our highly aesthetic, custom-milled bridges in less than four hours. No other facility can do that.

Step 3:

Your permanent new teeth
Combining our specialized technique with the experience that comes from performing this procedure more than 6,000 times, our highly skilled doctors and staff are able to give 90% of patients implants. And your new teeth look, feel and function much like your natural teeth.

Step 4: It’s all done in just 24 hours

Helping patients restore their smiles in the least intrusive, 
most effective way possible is by using R2Gate Technology and pre-fabricated arch. And it works. Patients from all over the world travel to our centers to get their permanent smiles in 24 hours.
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