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Celebrity Tooth Tales

 Celebrities are just like us. Even if the flesh and bone of celebrities are worth more on paper, those who live in the spotlight can still have the same dental health problems as the rest of us. Some celebs are known for having less than perfect smiles, others for making silly dental moves and some stars are known for having fake smiles. As time goes on, more celebrity dental stories come to light and 0900-DENTIST presents three tooth tales that have proliferated the media in the autumn of 2011.

John Lennon’s Tooth for Sale

John Lennon was one of the most prolific and popular songwriters on earth. The English talent was born in Liverpool, and eventually took the world by storm thanks to his contributions to The Beatles. Sadly, Lennon was murdered in New York City in 1980. Fortunately his legacy will live on forever thanks to the great contributions to rock-n-roll and music and a stray tooth that is being sold at auction November 5, 2011.

Beatlemania was the term coined in response to how the rock group took the world by storm during their heyday. Millions of girls swooned over the Beatles. Once such gal was the daughter Lennon’s Surrey mansion housekeeper, Dot Jarlett. Rumor has it that Lennon had performed his own tooth extraction and gave Jarlett the remnants of his work to throw out or since her daughter was a Beatles fan, he gave the option of passing them to her as a souvenir. Jarlett chose the latter.

Now Jarlett’s son Barry has put the item up for sale via Omega ­Auctions of London. The tooth comes with paperwork that confirms the history of the tooth. Experts suggest that the tooth will fetch a minimum of around $16 k, but because the tooth contains Lennon’s DNA, some may view the item as priceless and the cost can rise dramatically.

Lindsay Lohan, Sporting Tooth Erosion

Once upon a time Lindsay Lohan was a child model/actor with shiny red hair and a beaming smile filled with white teeth. As she got older, she swapped her hair color, dabbled with comedy, singing and became popular in the tabloids. Lohan is now more famous for her escapades surrounding drinking and driving, the California legal system and the fact that she is now sporting teeth that are extremely worn and discolored.

Lohan recently showed up to a red carpet event and despite her amazing body draped in a pricey designer gown, her smile filled with rotten looking teeth has become the most popular topic of conversation. Her publicist has refused to comment on the issue but outsiders have speculated that her diminished smile is the result of excessive drug use, smoking and general neglect. Soon after her teeth tales made the headlines, she received cosmetic dentistry to repair the damage done.

Steve Tyler’s Missing Tooth

Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, has long been known from having one of the biggest looking smiles in the music industry. That changed recently when the singer slipped and fell in the bathroom while on tour with his band in South America. After the accident Tyler posted photos of himself featuring a black eye and a missing tooth up front and center in his smile. The musician received emergency medical care and dental care to sew up the gash on his face and dental implants to fill the void in his mouth.

Based on the self-imposed tooth extraction performed by John Lennon to the dental neglect of Lindsay Lohan, stars are advised to see a dentist to get professional dental care to keep their smiles intact. Regardless of if you are the next big thing or are an average person simply trying to find a dentist, 0900-DENTIST is here to help.

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