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There’s no doubt about it: General dentistry has changed for the better. Know why? Today’s general dentistry is all about comfort. Modern dental technology is designed to reduce pain, dental treatment time and post-op recovery. And dental offices everywhere are starting to “cater to comfort” by offering sedation dentistry, laser dentistry and even sleep dentistry. Sedation dentistry is perfect if you feel any form of dental anxiety or if you just need extra help relaxing. Thanks to sedation dentistry, you can “sleep” while the dentist takes care of your teeth!

If fear has kept you from visiting the dentist regularly, you can now rest easy. Today’s sedation dentistry makes your comfort a priority!

By now, you’ve probably heard how hot cosmetic dentistry is. But does it deserve the hype? Absolutely. Not long ago, most people just accepted that their smile would fade and dull with time. But with cosmetic dentistry treatments like laser teeth whitening, you can have a brand new, bright white smile in about an hour.

And today, a completely new smile is possible in just one dental visit because of veneers. Cosmetic dentistry solutions such as cosmetic dental bonding are also available for minor flaws such as a chipped tooth.

Did you know that many general dentists offer cosmetic dentistry? So whether you need a regular dental exam and dental cleaning or want a cosmetic dentistry treatment, we can help you! Call us today: 020 472 2041

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