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Get Sexy With Oral Care

Sex is an obsession. Those who long to convert their passion into action are advised to pay special attention to their dental care as oral neglect can cause everything from erectile dysfunction to completing killing the mood.

Dental neglect is the simple act of skipping regular dentist visits and not practicing proper oral hygiene. The process of daily brushing and flossing teeth is vital to removing dental plaque. Plaques is that sticky film on teeth and is comprised of hundreds of dental bacteria that can contribute to oral conditions including tooth decay and gum disease. If left unchecked, those infections can not only make a mouth look vile and unkissable, but can also contribute to slews of sexual health issues.

Gum Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Gum disease, an infection of the tissue that supports the teeth, has been scientifically proven to cause a large assortment of health issues. When left unchecked gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to problems including missing teeth, strokes, depleted red blood cell counts, diabetes and more. New research has unveiled that the oral condition can be linked to erectile dysfunction.

A study revealed the connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. (Pradeep, A R., Sharma Anuj., and Arjun Raju P. (2011). Association Between Chronic Periodontitis and Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction, Journal of Periodontology, 0:0, 1-7). The research focused on 70 male subjects. The data collected showed that as complications surrounding erectile dysfunction increased, so did gum disease levels (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/229945.php).

The lackluster effect is thought to be caused by the infiltration of oral bacteria directly into the blood stream. Experts say it is no surprise that gum disease is linked to vascular erectile dysfunction.

Dental Health and Yeast Infections

Men are not the only ones that can negatively be impacted by the oral health sexual problem connection. Women who receive oral sex are at a greater risk of developing yeast infections from the act. The vaginal infection stems from an excess of Candida fungus (AKA yeast). The fungus is also the culprit for causing oral thrush, defined by 0900DENTIST.com as being a “…a cluster of raised, white lesions, which resemble the appearance of cottage cheese.”

While every person has a small crop of the microorganisms living on their skin , women with an excess of the fungus stand a greater risk of developing yeast infections from oral sex (Jawetz et al (1978), “Medical Mycology”, Review of Medical Microbiology (13th ed.), pp. 276–278). In this case, dental health is not really the issue, but the transfer of saliva is. A pattern who passes saliva to a woman carrying Candida albicans can increase their odds of developing a yeast infection by three times (Journal of Women’s Health 12/03, Woman Dentist Journal pg 16 2/04).

Bad Dental Health A Turn Off

Prior to the other types of sexual relationships come into play, foreplay is a must. However research has indicated that those who neglect their dental health and oral hygiene behaviors are going to have a harder time finding a mate willing to play with them in any capacity.

In a national survey conducted by Kelton Research, oral hygiene is more important than other romantic moves typically used in foreplay. The study has indicated that 59 percent of Americans would be turned-off if their partner skipped the basic dental care behaviors of brushing or flossing his or her teeth for a week. The survey revealed that ignoring dental care killed the mood more than other grooming behavior including neglecting deodorant, shaving, hair combing or trimming toenails.

Anyone looking for a romantic liaison is advised to not only practice oral hygiene on their own, but to see a dentist to get professional cleanings and to get an attractive smile. Having teeth that are in great shape and look fantastic can help build confidence and the social skills needed to have a healthy sex life. Lovers looking for a great dentist can count on 0900-DENTIST to assist in the task.

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