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How to Train Your Kids for Dental Health

Nearly every adult knows how important dental care is to general well being, but a majority of children are innocent of the matter. That ignorance can continue to evolve as children are born as tabula rasa and parents who neglect to teach their children about brushing, flossing and regular dental visits can be setting their children up for a lifetime of dental problems. However, caregivers who take the steps early on to teach proper oral hygiene, can help make dentist visits a positive experience for their charges.

Parents must realize that even though children are born with toothless smiles, baby teeth and primary tooth development starts in the womb, making the implementation of dental health precautions first eating onward mandatory. New parents must start by gently wiping down their babies’ gums with a soft cloth and water to remove sugars left behind by food. Once a first tooth arrives, tooth-brushing should begin and other steps will kick off a lifetime of oral hygiene and good dental health.

Start Early

Children are little sponges that will absorb information and can be trained to appreciate dental visits when the process is handled correctly from the get go. Parents should take their child to the dentist at the sign of a first tooth eruption. Not only will a dentist be able to provide a early life dental exam and deliver additional dental care tips to caregivers, the sooner dental visits are introduced to a little one, the less likely a child will develop dental anxiety regarding the process.

Many anxiety sufferers are triggered into panic attacks by a fear of the unknown and early life training regarding what to expect in regards to dentistry can help prevent dental anxiety from controlling their lives. Additionally, regular dental visits starting at a young age and backed by daily baby teeth care can put your child baby on the road to a lifetime of dental health.

Find a Great Dentist

Not all dentists are created equally and while your general dentist may do an awesome job providing preventative dentistry to your adult teeth, they may not have the proper bedside manner and acumen to handle your child with kid gloves. That is why caregivers need to take the time to investigate the best dental care provider for their children.

Parents can select to bring their child to either a general dentist, kids’ dentist or pediatric dentist as they are all capable of doing the job. 1-800-DENTIST suggests the process for finding the best kid’s dentist involves three easy steps:

  • Make a list of dental care needs including criteria such as dental clinic location, hours and specialties.
  • Investigate your options thoroughly before making a final commitment.
  • Schedule a “meet and greet.” At that time parents can inspect the dental office, check to see if a waiting room is child friendly (thanks to toys, books and other types of entertainment) and if the personalities of the staff will meld well with those of your family.

Be Positive

Children will learn from example and a parent who takes care of their teeth, partakes in regular dental visits without fear will be able to raise children who naturally follow those same behaviours. In addition to leading by example, parents also have to make sure to use positive language surrounding the experience (choosing statements about how great and important a dentist is, instead of words eluding to fear, being scared and acting brave.)

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