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Learn How to Get White Teeth on a Budget

Although beauty may be more than skin deep, very few people are willing to get pass an unattractive smile to unearth the finery beneath. Mouths filled with gleaming white teeth are considered to be a valuable asset as it enables a person to have confidence and be considered more physically attractive than individuals sporting smiles with discolored or missing teeth. That is why Americans spend around $2.75 billion annually on cosmetic dentistry in pursuit of pearly whites (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry).

The expenses of cosmetic dentist work vary as some people simply need to partake in a tooth bleaching session to make their teeth gleaming white, others need major dental treatments in order to restore dental health prior to proceeding with the cosmetic dental procedure of their choice. Those individuals blessed with an attractive smile but longing for white teeth can get a whiter smile at bargain basement prices.

Prevention, the First Step to White Teeth

Preventative dentistry is an incredibly important step to dental health and that approach combined with the effort of minimizing potential tooth stains can go a long way to making teeth look white. While individuals cannot control their tooth shape or how teeth grow, they can minimize their risk of tooth discoloration by eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, skipping smoking and practicing a daily routine brushing and flossing to remove surface tooth stains.

The saying “you are what you eat,” is relative to acquiring white teeth. Some foods and beverages are known for wreaking dental havoc, both cosmetically and well below the surface of tooth enamel. Individuals who want to eat their way to a white smile should limit foods and beverages including grape juice, blueberries, coffee and any food item that may potentially stain a T-shirt as it will have the same effect on human teeth.

While some people get a kick from eating, others prefer adult pursuits like drinking and smoking. Alcohol is a known tooth killer for a myriad of reasons. Red wine is one of the most common foods responsible for tooth staining, but all spirits can wreak dental havoc. Booze can contribute to conditions like dry mouth, oral cancer and periodontal disease. Many alcoholic beverages, such as white wine, have extremely high acid levels and acid will chemically erode teeth. Tooth erosion will remove the white tooth enamel, exposing the yellow dentin underneath and dulling a smile.

However, smoking is by far the worse thing a person can do to their bodies and the habit will destroy an otherwise white smile. Tobacco is filled with toxins and additives, none of which have any positive influences on a body. The habit is expensive and all a person will get for their addiction is a dull smile, bad breath, tooth discoloration and a lackluster grin.

Budget Friendly Tooth Whiteners

The market is chock filled with DYI dental treatments for white teeth. There are toothpastes that whiten, whitening strips and kits specifically designed for tooth bleaching. Some experts, believe that whitening strips are the best option as they are malleable and can provide better tooth coverage than one size fit tooth whitening kit. However, whitening strips may not be as powerful and kits may be the next best thing to professional tooth whitening.

When it comes to tooth bleaching there can be too much of a good thing as another type of tooth discoloration is possible. Using too many tooth whitening products with frequency can make teeth look oddly translucent and blue.

White Teeth from the Kitchen

Individuals with otherwise healthy smiles do not have to look further than their kitchen cupboard to find an effective and affordable tooth whitening treatment. Gently brushing teeth with a mixture of baking soda and warm water will help scrub stains off teeth. Baking soda is a mild abrasive, so individuals who opt for this remedy should make sure they do not use the technique for at least an hour after eating or drinking. Depending on the foods consumed, those behaviors can soften dental enamel and brushing with an abrasive may cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Proper nutrition is also a great way to get white teeth. While some foods are known tooth assassins, other choices can naturally clean teeth and massage gums. Individuals looking for a healthy smile and white teeth should eat fiber rich foods such as celery, apples, pears and carrots.

If despite your best efforts, your teeth are not the sparkling white you have always fantasized about then cosmetic dentistry can do the trick. The process will start with a cleaning to remove dental plaque and tartar, as both compounds are known for holding stains and dulling teeth. Then a professional cosmetic dentist can whiten teeth with lasers or powerful tooth bleaching agents. If that does not work, dental veneers can be made to hide unattractive teeth and let the white shine through. 0900-DENTIST can make sure your smile is its whitest.

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