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More Organic Tooth Whitening

 Having white teeth is thought to be a valuable asset and as a result, the desire has helped tooth bleaching evolve to be one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Annually, dentists deliver $1.4 billion of professional teeth whitening services to their patients to provide them with the pearly whites they seek. However, the procedure is not without risks as professional tooth bleaching utilizes powerful chemicals that can increase the odds of dental problems including tongue cancer, tooth sensitivity, chemical burns and thinning tooth enamel. Patients concerned about those risks can breath a sigh of relief as 0900-DENTIST will let you know, there are other options for getting the task done and many of them can be picked up at your neighborhood grocery.

Tooth staining and discoloration are common complaints at the dentist office. While many of those cases can be traced to an individuals lack of oral hygiene, smoking and drinking, the problems can also be traced to innocent behaviors such as drinking too much coffee, or eating too much tomato sauce or blueberries. When it comes to the latter, there are plenty of organic and natural methods for combating the issue both explored in depth in the article entitled Organic Tooth Whitening and below!

Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits are one of nature’s most readily available bounties. The options include plenty of foods on the Government’s Nutrition Plate such as oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines and pomelos and regardless of the option, the foods pack a nutritional punch of Vitamin C and flavonoids. The nutritious foods can also be included on the list of “organic tooth whitener.”

Citrus fruits in their most natural state are considered to be some of the best snacks available. The process of eating one piece of citrus food is not only enjoyable, but can help prevent tooth decay as the process will increase the saliva production in person (essential to washing away trace sugars and oral bacteria, the critters that form dental plaque). The juice from some citrus fruits can also be used as a natural tooth whitener.

Lemons are the best citrus fruit for the job because of the high acid levels present. When using lemons to whiten teeth, it is incredibly important not to use the juice directly as the high acid levels can also erode tooth enamel and lead to excessive wear and tear. However by mixing a mouth rinse featuring a 50/50 mix of lemon juice and water and rinsing with the concoction no more than twice a week can naturally lighten teeth. Lemon juice has commonly been used to naturally lighten hair and it will do the same for teeth.

Dairy Foods

Low fat and sugar free milk, cheese and yogurt are not only delicious treats but a must for those interested in maintaining their dental health. Those mammal by-products should be eaten to ensure that teeth and bones stay in tip-top condition. Dairy products are rich in vitamins essential for dental health and the right choice can help contribute to an individuals recommended daily calcium intake. Plus the right dairy products have been scientifically proven to boost oral health and minimizing conditions such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. The food can also help naturally lighten teeth.

Dairy products are excellent sources of lactic acid. Lactic acid (AKA milk acid) is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is essential in a variety of the bodies biochemical processes that can help ward off gum disease and allow for proper tooth development. Some cheeses can even clean teeth.

Cheese comes in a variety of forms including cream, string and soft but in order to get the tooth whitening benefits of the food hard cheese rules the roost. A process that involves the continuous, stirring and draining of a mixture of curd and whey, produces hard cheese. The process will result in a number of popular cheeses including Parmigiano-Reggiano, cheddar, Colby and many more. Snacking on pieces of the harder cheeses will force the stiff food across teeth and that friction can help remove excess food particles and help provide a brighter smile.


Apples are another of nature’s bounties known for providing nutrition and for boosting dental health. Apples are the most widely cultivated fruit worldwide with countless varieties for human’s snacking pleasure. Regardless of if you like your apples tart, sweet or mellow, consuming the fruit fresh from the tree will also help clean teeth. Since apples are a solid food, they too can provide the hint of abrasion needed to remove tooth-staining food particles and debris.

No matter if you want to get your teeth professionally whitened by a dental care practitioner or want to tweak your diet to include the bet possible tooth-whitening foods available, your dentist can provide you with the must current information on the topic. No dentist, no problem? All you need to do is call 0900-DENTIST and we will help provide you with your best smile possible.

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