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Natural Alternatives For Dental Health

Americans are pill poppers; estimates suggest that the country’s citizens spent $300 billion on prescription medication in 2011 and half of all adults reported taking some type of prescription over the past month. There is no denying the perks associated with proper use of Western medication, when taken with doctor’s supervision the right pills can stop pain, improve health and calm the nerves of anxiety sufferers. Despite those perks there are risks associated with prescription meds that can contribute to dental problems and other health issues and that is why 0900-Dentist wanted to provide natural alternatives to minimize those risks.


Tetracycline is an extremely common antibiotic used to treat infections. After it was invention and some legal battles for the copyright, the medication became readily available starting in the 1950s. Now, millions of people have taken the pills to treat everything from acne to ulcers to Lyme disease. While adults who take too much of the medication are at risk of building up a tolerance making consumption useless, children (under eight and even in the womb) exposed to too much of the antibiotic can end up with permament tooth discoloration called “teracycline stains.” That is why alternatives to the medication should be considered.

There is no arguing how helpful teracycline has been, however when it comes to this drug there can be too much of a good thing. Individuals who have taken too much of the antibiotic can indeed develop a resistance to the medication that allows microorganism being targeted to survive. Typically doctors respond by writing prescriptions to stronger antibiotics. Over time that can exasperate the condition and prevent antibiotics from being effective at all.

The risks also exist for young children (under eight) and also include the possibility of damaging a smile to the point that only cosmetic surgery will be the solution. In developing children the antibiotic is known for inhibiting the proper development of tooth enamel and bluish-gray staining on teeth.

It is for these reasons adults and parents should consider tetracycline a last resort. Prior to a person accepting a prescription of the drug to treat acne, drinking more water and switching to a diet that follows the government’s recommended nutrition plate may help regulate some internal causes of break out. Then treating the eruptions with like a natural antiseptic such as tea tree oil may do the trick.

Perhaps you have the skin of a goddess but a hacking cough or cold that makes you sound like you have been a life long smoker. Herbs including echinacea, pulsitilla, peppermint, goldenseal and myrhh may all be used to naturally and effectively combat the infection.

Pain Killers

Very few people enjoy feeling pain. It is for that reason that more than 131 million prescriptions were written for painkillers ranging from hydrocodone to acetaminophen. Those medications can certainly dull the uncomfortable sensation linked to dental surgeries or back injuries, but they are not without their risks.

Prescription medications such as Vicodin are highly addictive and can lead to major issues when not used in moderation. Plus over the counter medications including acetaminophen can cause liver damage. Individuals trying to keep it natural during any painful moment should first pinpoint the source of pain and then try to control it naturally.

That means individuals suffering from toothaches should try icing the area, numbing the region with a local anesthetic (such as numbing gels) and getting professional dental care to treat the cause, not just mask the symptoms.

Perhaps your mouth is fine, but your back is achey and feeling a bit breaky. According to the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation lower back pain is better off treated with chiropractic sessions than just popping a pill (http://health.yahoo.net/articles/healthcare/photos/natural-alternatives-top-5-most-prescribed-drugs#1).

Acid Reflux Medication

Acid reflux conditions go by many names. Regardless of what it is called, the condition is marked by bile leaving the safety of intestines and instead is forced across tooth surfaces.  Bile is highly acidic and if the symptom is not treated it can lead to a slew of dental problems including bad breath, tooth disintegration, Missing teeth, tooth erosion, tooth discoloration, bone loss, tooth sensitivity, gum disease (due to an excess of dental plaque), burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth, tooth decay or cavities.

Typically, Prilosec is the presciption medicine used to treat the condition; in 2010, 53.4 million prescriptions were dispensed (http://health.yahoo.net/articles/healthcare/photos/natural-alternatives-top-5-most-prescribed-drugs#5). The medications can indeed provide a short term solution for relief, but treating the cause of the issue naturally is a better approach.

Doctor and author (Digestive Wellness) Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN suggest trying  slippery-elm lozenges, an herbal rememdy, prior to hitting the pharmacy. The remedy is developed from the common North American forest tree species and will naturally coat a throat and stomach and is rich with antioxidants that help relieve inflammation. In addition, eating the right diet and eliminating foods that triggers the reaction can go a long way without manufactured pills.

Individuals looking for more natural and organic remedies for dental problems and general well being can continue to research the matter on the web but are advised to proceed with caution and to still seek the opinion of a professional in the field. Overtime, neglect can make any health issue (dental or otherwise) an issue of life or death.

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