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Oral-B® Toothbrushes

For over 50 years, Oral-B® has been a trusted name in the dentistry industry. When we think of something as essential as our toothbrush, it’s important that we have a product that we know has been tested by dentists, because, hey…they would know!

Engineer Max Braun perfected the art of small appliance in his work in the radio business in 1921. Dr. Robert Hutson, a California periodontist, designed and patented the first Oral-B toothbrush in 1950.

Gillette®, parent company of Oral-B, has taken great strides to provide a wide variety of dental products that will meet each individual’s needs, whatever they may be.

Try Out The Different Products:

Toothbrushes (including, but not limited to):

Oral-B Sensitive Advantage® — Extra, extra super soft for those of us with sensitive teeth

Oral-B Pulsar™ — Innovative MicroPulse™ technology pivots & pulses to get in between teeth

Oral-B CrossAction® Vitalizer® — Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis in 4 weeks

Oral-B Indicator® — Blue bristles that fade so you know when it’s time for a new brush

Oral-B Stages® — A variety of brushhead sizes for your baby’s growing teeth; a variety of grips for their growing hands; and a variety of designs (Pooh, Snow White, etc.) for your baby’s newest obsession

Power Products (including, but not limited to):

Oral-B Triumph™ — This rechargeable brush features FlossAction™ and Smart Technology

Oral-B Professional Care® 8000 Series — Oscillates to sweep dental plaque from your teeth

7000 Series — Unique 3D Excel Action pulsates to break up dental plaque

5000 Series — Unique 3D Action gently cleans

Oral-B Stages Power — Disney® characters on a rotating PowerHead™

Oral-B CrossAction Power Max — Rechargeable brush that combines the rotating PowerHead technology with the CrissCross® bristles

Dental Accoutrements (including, but not limited to):

Oral-B Hummingbird® — A gentle vibrating flosser

Oral-B SATIN Floss® — Easy slide, shred resistant

Oral-B Stages Flossers — Disney Princesses and Toy Story characters make flossing fun for the little ones

Oral-B boasts a pantheon of dental products, from your daughter’s Disney brushes to your extra special Hummingbird. An interesting highlight in Oral-B’s company history entails a lunar landing and the Apollo mission. In 1969, Oral-B became the first toothbrush to go the moon. Stellar!!

A leisurely stroll down your local supermarket or drugstore aisle is sure to bring a wide array of Oral-B products for your purchasing pleasure. Have fun and choose something right for you and your loved ones.

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