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Organic Tooth Whitening

American consumers are constantly getting bombarded with marketing messages regarding organic products and while some individuals may think the trend only applies to foods and beauty aids, it should also be utilized for teeth whitening procedures. White teeth are considered to be a valuable asset and the most common methods to earn them involve unhealthy ingredients that can cause health issues. That is why 0900-DENTIST wanted to provide patients longing to reduce the appearance of tooth discoloration and tooth staining with some organic and natural options.

Tooth bleaching has evolved to become the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure conducted by dentists and generates $1.4 billion in annual sales. There is no arguing that the procedure can indeed provide an individual with a smile filled with pearly whites, but the chemical cocktails used in tooth whitening kits can cause some health issues. An increased risk of developing tongue cancer, tooth sensitivity, chemical burns and thinning tooth enamel are all potential side-effects of tooth bleaching abuse. The acceptance of the dangers have forced dentists to openly issue a tooth whitening warning and for us to deliver some safer alternatives to the procedure.

Eat Strawberries

Strawberries are a delectable fruit rich with vitamins, antioxidants and other important nutrients to ensure general well being. The natural health fruit also contains an enzyme called malic acid. Dentists use an artificially produced form of the acid in cleaning and preparing teeth for fillings and malic acid is also a common ingredient in toothpaste. Individuals who mash strawberries and let the pulp and juice sit on their teeth for one minute and then rinse with fresh water will be able to clean and lighten their teeth naturally.

In order to get the maximum health benefits of the fruit, individuals should opt to consume only the organic option. Commercially produced strawberries without the organic label are considered to be one of the dirtiest foods to eat because of the extremely high levels of pesticides present. Strawberries are especially vulnerable to fungus and as a result, farmers can use up to 60 different chemicals to ensure their strawberry crops survive. Paying the extra money for the organic version will minimize chemical consumption and can brighten a smile.

Eat Celery

Celery has long been regulated to the food of dieters and to provide the crunch in tuna fish salad. However, the stalk-like vegetable is rich in Vitamin C that can prevent gum disease, kill bad breath and can make teeth look brighter as celery is a natural tooth stain removers. The dental health boosts provided by the food is linked to the increased saliva production associated with the mastication process as celery is fibrous and requires extra chewing (and more saliva) to break down food prior to swallowing. Saliva is the body’s natural defense for neutralizing acid and washing away stray food particles, all of which can contribute to a brighter smile.

To get the maximum dental health benefits and none of the risks associated with celery, buying organic stalks is best. Tests conducting by the United States Department of agriculture have discovered more than 60 types of pesticides on celery.

Brush with Baking Soda

Brushing teeth is a oral hygiene practice that needs to be conducted daily to remove dental plaque and lower the odds of developing dental problems including tooth decay and gingivitis. Individuals who opt to sprinkle baking soda (AKA Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate) directly onto their toothpaste each day can rely on the natural ingredient to gently remove stains and buildup on dental enamel.

Ancient Egyptians used a derivative of the substance as a cleaning agent, because the compound is slightly abrasive. Thanks to that nature and the fact that baking soda is an acid neutralizer, it is believed to be one of the safest and most effective ways to remove tooth stains and excess buildup on dental enamel.

Individuals who have already tried home remedies to lighten their teeth with little or no success can call 0900-DENTIST.

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