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Smile for Health

A smile filled with white teeth is a valuable asset; studies have shown that attractive people earn more money, have an easier time gaining employment and help in attracting potential mates. The act of turning that frown upside down also provides a myriad of other benefits and those with the best smiles have the greatest odds of enjoying them all!

In order to naturally have a great smile, individuals need to commit to the task, from the inside out. Individuals who take the time to eat a nutritious diet filled with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and other foods recommended by the Government’s Nutrition Plate and who make water their drink off choice can help limit the development of dental problems (such as cavities, tooth decay and gum disease) caused by an excess of dental plaque. Aside from eating right, exercising can help lower the risk of dental problems from developing. Following up those behaviors by implementing oral hygiene including brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once can

For those who follow the recommended advice to a T, but still have a sub par smile, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer. Thanks to all advancements within the dental care industry, getting a great smile is a relatively easy task. A professional dentist who is also a cosmetic dentistry artist can implement a number of dental treatments to deliver pearly whites including (but not limited to) tooth whitening, dental implants or dental veneers. Once their handwork is complete, individuals are encouraged to show off their smile as much as possible in order to reap the rewards associated with a grin.

Be More Attractive

While true beauty may be more than skin deep, no one is going to want to dig to find it if it is hidden beneath layers of dental tartar, bad breath and missing teeth. The fact is research has indicated that those who neglect their dental health and oral hygiene behaviors are going to have a harder time finding a mate willing to play with them in any capacity.

In public settings, a smile can help put strangers at ease and make the smiler instantly more attractive than their straight-faced counterparts. Research showing how men approached women in a bar indicated that when a woman only made eye contact with a man, she was approached 20 percent of the time  However, when a smile was added to the mix, men flocked to those women 60 percent of the time (http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/benefits-smiling-seven-reasons-why-164900783.html).

Once that connection has been made, individuals looking to take it to the next level need to ensure that smile stays intact. Kelton Research conducted a survey and the results indicated that oral hygiene is more important than other romantic moves typically used in foreplay. The study has indicated that 59 percent of Americans would be turned-off if their partner skipped the basic dental care behaviors of brushing or flossing his or her teeth for a week. The survey revealed that ignoring dental care killed the mood more than other grooming behavior including neglecting deodorant, shaving, hair combing or trimming toenails.

Live Longer

Dental neglect can trigger a myriad of health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, strokes and cancer that can increase mortality rates. Not only can those diseases shorten a life span, but the lack of smiling they may trigger may also be an indicator of a shorter life span.

Once study analyzed the poses of various baseball players taken in 1952. Researchers checked those photos and followed up on the players, it turns out that those who smiled outlived their blank-faced counterparts by seven years.

Making Nice

Social interaction is important for human health. Without it people can report having levels of stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation, depressing and even shorter life spans. While some people are amazing diplomats that can entertain a crowd with nary a social gaffe, many others may try their best but end up with their foot in their mouth. Fortunately smiling can help rectify those awkward situations.

A sheepish grin (involving looking down to indicate embarrassment or guilt) can elicit a bit of empathy from the slighted person. The situation has been coined “facial feedback hypothesis” by psychologists and can help lower the discomfort associated with awkward situations (http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/benefits-smiling-seven-reasons-why-164900783.html).

If you are interested in putting your best smile forward the advice and skills of a professional dentist are in order. Courtesy of a dental exam and check up a dentist will examine for the telltale signs of dental health and then recommend dental treatments to get everything in order. Only after that fact, can cosmetic dentistry be implemented.

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