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Surprising Causes of Tooth Staining

Although teeth are one of the hardest parts of a human body, the devices are not impermeable and can easily be chipped, worn down or end up discolored. The fact is, teeth are compose of an intricate network featuring enamel, dentin, pulp chamber and cementum and all are vulnerable to dental problems and tooth discoloration is just one of them.

Smiles are powerful devices that are essential to behaviors such as communicating and eating and are also thought to be a valuable asset throughout society at large. Research conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry have found that nearly 75 percent of the population believes that an unattractive smile can diminish the odds of a person achieving business or career success and tooth-staining is just one cosmetic imperfection that can limit those accomplishments.

0900-DENTIST acknowledges that stained teeth can make an otherwise beautiful smile look unsightly. The reality is there are plenty of foods that can stain teeth, the common rule of thumb is if a food or beverage stains a carpet it will have the same effect on teeth. Individuals looking to prevent tooth discoloration from holding them back is by learning exactly what behaviors can stain teeth and by adjusting choices accordingly. Although most people know that vices such as smoking, drinking alcohol (including white wine) and eating berries can dull teeth, those are not the only routines that can cause dental problems.


Swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise that will burn calories, support weight, build muscles, endurance and can be conducted well into old age. Once immersed in the water, individuals can feel the stress melt away (especially helping those suffering from bruxism) and can aid in muscle toning, weight loss and lowering the risk of gum disease. Although the process of conducting this exercise can indeed boost dental health, when done incorrectly it can also make an otherwise gleaming smile dull and lifeless.

A majority of swimming pools rely on the chemical addition of chlorine to keep the water clean and free of disease. Although most people would never voluntarily drink a glass of treated pool water, swimmers fully immersed in the liquid can accidentally get the liquid in their mouths and over teeth. In excess, that chlorine and improper pH balance of pool chemicals can lead to a myriad of dental problems including tooth enamel erosion, tooth discoloration (where tartar build up turns brown and is called “swimmer’s calculus”) and tooth sensitivity (Dentistry.co.uk).

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is made from white Trebbiano grapes in the northern Italian region as that fruit has a high natural sugar content that helps delivery the sweet twist commonly associated with the food product. The food is extremely popular for flavoring culinary delights such as dressings and is often a favorite flavoring for individuals committed to dieting. The liquid is also a nutritional powerhouse packed with antioxidants and can be used to improve insulin sensitivity for diabetics. Despite the perks associated with the food, it is also can contribute to tooth stains.

Most balsamic vinegars have a deep, dark brown coloring that can easily get trapped in tooth enamel and dull a smile. While some people may erroneously think that white balsamic vinegar is the perfect solution, nothing can be further from the truth as all vinegar are acidic and too much acid can erode teeth. The case for dark versus light balsamic vinegar is equivalent to comparisons of red wine and white wine in regards to dental health.

Tomato Sauce

Not only is tomato sauce delicious, the food is considered to be a nutritional powerhouse; tomatoes are a type of fruit, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and cooked tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, a natural chemical scientifically proven to be a natural cancer fighter. Individuals looking to get the nutritional punch from this food need to wisely choose the option as not all tomato products are created equally and even the healthiest prepared option can contribute to tooth staining.

The stains from tomatoes can be triggered by the naturally occurring red pigment in the fruit. However, because of the nutritional value of this food, individuals are not encouraged to skip tomato dishes, but instead eat a healthy appetizer such as spinach or broccoli first as those veggies will deliver a protective film over teeth to prevent staining.

Individuals who have already modified their diets to prevent staining in the future but are still saddled with tooth discoloration can consider a tooth whitening strategy to reverse the damage done. There are some organic options for tooth whitening, but entrusting the task to a dentist can help generate the best results. Individuals looking to find a dentist for either tooth-whitening procedures or simply to discuss dental health can call 0900-DENTIST.

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