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Toothache Remedies

Just ask anyone who’s ever had prolonged pain in one or more teeth and they’ll tell you that toothaches are no fun. Toothaches can cause discomfort that may range from a minor ache to severe pain.

If you’ve got one, it’s easy to understand why you’d be looking for toothache home remedies. While toothache home remedies may temporarily ease discomfort, the only way to get lasting toothache relief is to see a dentist.

Don’t let fear keep you from seeking out toothache remedies; a gentle dentist can treat toothaches while you stay comfortable and relaxed. We know it can be scary, but finding toothache relief will get you back on the road to dental health!

What Causes Toothaches?

Mild to severe toothaches are usually an indication of tooth decay or cavities. Bacteria that live in your mouth survive off the sugar and starches in your food; over time, they produce acids that can break down tooth enamel and lead to toothaches.

Other conditions may also cause toothaches, including a broken tooth, a chipped tooth, a dental abscess, gum disease or the emergence of wisdom teeth. Health problems such as an earache, sinusitis or heart attack can also cause toothaches.

Getting Toothache Relief

Searching for toothache relief? We’re glad you thought of us when you were looking for toothache remedies! Your dentist is also a great source for toothache home remedies. Until you see the dentist, you’ll need some temporary toothache pain relief at home. These toothache home remedies may help:

Rinse your mouth with warm water. Some toothaches are caused by trapped food particles. Use dental floss to remove anything wedged between teeth. This ensures a clean mouth and provides toothache relief.

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Toothaches can often be eased with pain relievers. Consider applying ice to the affected area as an additional toothache remedy.

Apply an over-the-counter antiseptic containing benzocaine. This is a much better toothache remedy than placing aspirin directly against your gums, which may burn your gum tissue.

Avoid very hot or very cold foods. Toothaches lead to sensitive teeth, so treat them gently.

Toothaches won’t just go away. Your ultimate toothache remedy will come from a dentist. Toothache remedies depend on the source of the problem; an X-ray will usually be used to check for decay or other dental problems. Then your dentist can perform the appropriate dental treatment, such as a tooth filling, tooth extraction or root canal.

The Best Toothache Remedy? Keep Decay Away!

Toothache remedies can’t top prevention! The best way to stave off toothaches is to practice good oral hygiene, including regular flossing and brushing. Another great toothache remedy is your dental visit; it helps your dentist prevent and identify problems before they become serious.

If you’re in need of toothache pain remedies that work, call your dentist.

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