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Toothy Superstitions

 Those who believe that supernatural forces can interlink two otherwise unconnected events, may be categorized as superstitious. Daily millions of people cry if they break a mirror, avoid cracks in the sidewalk or offer a “bless you” in response to a sneeze. Those spooky beliefs can infiltrate every aspect of life and the tales about teeth and dentists may cause some to have dental anxiety. However, 0900-DENTIST is here to demystify the dental superstitions surrounding teeth and the oral cavity and to point out that in some cases, the tales surrounding the mouth’s organ systems are actually good omens.

Diastema=Lucky and Rich

The dental condition of diastema occurs when a person sports a gap in between the two front teeth. Some people get cosmetic dentistry for the trendy look, others wear dental braces to correct it and some actors keep the gap as a way to distinguish themselves from a crown and to maintain their identity. Superstitious folks naturally graced with the space should consider themselves fortunate as the dental condition is considered a good omen in regards to being both lucky and rich.

The beliefs can be traced to a number of old wives-tales and the claims have been published in various sources over time. While no one fully addresses the diastema/money connection one interpretation can be attributed that the space between teeth indicates abundance in fortune and worldly possessions.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Honesty is always considered the best policy and if the behavior is good enough for denture wearing George Washington, it should be appropriate for every person regardless of the dental health situation. However, superstitions regarding the teeth, mouth and tongue say otherwise.

Some legends suggest that individuals who get tongue-tied or bite their tongue during speaking should be ignored as the next word out of their mouths are going to be lies. According to the legends, those who successfully manage to get their lies out will be punished with a blister or an enlarged taste bud as a karmic punishment for their fibs.

Tobacco Juice=Good Luck

No wonder the folks in America’s Appalachian regions suffer from dental problems more often than not. In addition to filling baby bottles with soda (not water) and upping the odds of local children developing mottled teeth and tooth decay, one old mountain superstition indicates that when the juice (garnered from chewing tobacco) is allowed to linger about the result will be good luck. Science has clearly proven otherwise.

Smoking tobacco is known for being one of the most harmful vices for dental health and general well being. In regards to dental care, smoking can increase the odds of one developing cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer and more. Some individuals may opt to take a smokeless pinch to minimize the risks associated with tobacco, but the reality is chew contains nicotine and carcinogens that will contribute to dental problems such as periodontal disease, tooth staining, receding gums, halitosis and other woes. Letting that juice sit on teeth will just make matters worse.

When it comes to this superstition, the fact remains that tobacco in any form should be avoided, even if it is second hand smoke. While smokeless tobacco is a bit less dangerous than the burning kind, individuals are encouraged to stop the habit and if not, spitting the juice and drinking clean fresh water afterwards is a wiser move.

When it comes to toothy superstitions, your dentist is the best person to dispel any confusion surrounding the stories. Individuals who need to find a dentist in order to separate facts from dental myth fiction can call 0900-DENTIST.

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