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Why You Should Leave Tooth Whitening to the Professionals

 Annually Americans spend over $1.4 billion on tooth whitening procedures and estimates suggest that sales for the vanity driven dental treatment has grown by over 300 percent during the past few years. The market is filled with dozens of teeth-whitening options including toothpastes, DIY kits, mall kiosks and options provided by professional dental care experts. Individuals looking to pay for tooth whitening are better off going to a professional dentist.

To the untrained eye, implementing a tooth whitening procedures may appear to be a simple task that only requires a tray and some gel to achieve. It is that thinking that is contributing to the booming trend of tooth whitening kiosks in America and beauty salons offering the type of cosmetic dentistry in England. While it is possible that those options are less money than getting tooth whitening by a professional dentist, the reality is that consumers will get what they pay for and choosing the less superior option just to save a couple of bucks can cause dental problems and health issues in the long run.

Rely on Malls for Shopping, not Tooth Whitening

Since the first shopping mall was opened 1916, the structures have become a buzz of entertainment, activity and discount shopping. Many malls allow independent kiosks to rent out space in the walkways (as opposed to the retail spaces), and many teeth whitening franchises have opted to become tenants. As a result, individuals can find nearly everything in their local mall including dental treatments to whiten teeth, but that is one big-ticket item that should be skipped.

CBS News out of Boston has reported that despite the professional appearance of the teeth whitening kiosks, (most of which have been constructed to look like dentist offices) consumers are warned against entrusting them with their teeth whitening needs. These kiosks tend to operate with very little oversight as there are no professional dentists on hand to evaluate the dental health of a patient before a procedure. That increases the odds of dental problems including tooth decay, cavities and gum disease going undetected and the chemicals used in the tooth bleaching process may make matters worse.

Beauty Salons can Leave Teeth Ugly

Worldwide people flock to beauty salons like bees to honey. While some stylish folks only need to devote an hour to professional hair care, others may have to sit still for hours in order to achieve the look they want. In salons, it is this sit-and-wait period that is generally allocated to additional beauty treatments such as manis and pedis. Some UK salons are taking it one step further by offering professional teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures to their clientele, but smart consumers are advised to leave any type of dental care to the professionals.

The worldwide economic meltdown has forced many people to skip buying professional dental care. As a result, skipping the dentist has become a worldwide phenomenon and research has indicated that droves of UK residents are included in that fact. When these folks opt to get their teeth whitened at a beauty salon, the underlying dental problems caused by dental neglect can be irritated.

In London, six salons were cited by the GDC (General Dental Council) as in the country, only certified dentists are legally authorized to conduct tooth whitening procedures. In these salons, clinicians who received one day of training were responsible for whitening teeth. The strategy puts patients at risk for burned gums from improper chemical use. Chances are the onsite practitioners are not versed in how to handle this type of medical emergency.

About Professional Tooth Whitening

Just because a dental treatment has the word “cosmetic” in front of it does not mean that the task should be assigned to any beauty professional. The reality is, cosmetic dentistry is not a board-certified specialty either in the States or abroad. However, all certified dentists are qualified to be cosmetic dentists who can professional provide dental treatments to promote dental health and a gorgeous looking smile.

Any individual looking to get professional tooth whitening can start the process by calling 0900-DENTIST.  Prior to implementing teeth bleaching, our dentists will first work on improving oral health and then focus their energy on making a smile pretty, the exact order to ensure cosmetic dentistry success of any kind.

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