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Your Tongue, Why Color Matters

Oral health is not just an indicator of dental problems; the state of ones mouth is a huge gauge for general well being. That is why individuals must constantly monitor their teeth, gums and tongue for signs of things going array and when it comes to the latter, the shade of a tongue can be a warning sign of things to come.

The human tongue formed by a network of muscles and estimates suggest that there can be from 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds. When the organ is working in perfect harmony, taste buds release saliva to aid in digestion and provides humans with the ability to distinguish flavors. However when a tongue is not a healthy and clean pink, the color will be a giveaway to health issues.


Most individuals think happy thoughts when looking at the color yellow. The hue is associated with boosting memory and can instantly make people feel happy and optimistic when used on walls, clothing, artwork or appearing in nature. However, there is nothing joyful when a human tongue turns that shade as yellow in the human body is often an indicator of health issues.

Yellow mucus is a sign of infection, when skin turns that color it can be a warning of jaundice. When a tongue turns yellow it can indicate health issues including a bacterial infection or gastric acid reflux. The unsightly hue can appear when acid levels are off balance and in turn, that will throw off oral bacteria.


Red is a powerful color known for boosting power as it can stimulate brain activity. In the fashion industry, red is inherently exciting and draws attention; studies have indicated that men think sex after seeing a woman adorned in the hue. While the color may indeed rev up sexual engines, when it appears on the tongue it can be a complete mood killer.

While tongues can temporarily turn red from food, a tongue that is either a bright or dark red might indicate a vitamin deficiency. The shade can be caused by a lack of Vitamin B3 (niacin), B12 Vitamin or iron (a common cause of anemia).


When people envision the color white purity is the first thing to comes. Doctors, dental hygienists and brides traditionally wear the color associated with the cleanliness of “driven snow.” However, if a tongue is coated in white, pureness is the last thing going on.

A white tongue can indicate a bacterial infection, including oral thrush. In this case a tongue will look as if it is wearing a coat of pasty white, that can actually indicate a yeast infection or Candida (a type of fungus).

Regardless of what unusual tongue condition or color present, seeking professional dental care is advised. Dentists are well skilled at diagnosing and treating a variety of oral conditions including those specifically on the tongue. A professional dentist can determine the cause of the condition and implement dental treatments to correct the issue. Individuals who have suffered with their dental problems for too long can count on 0900-DENTIST for help.

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